Architectural Photography

Buildings with architectural interest should be given the respect they are due and the best way to do this is to employ a professional photographer with an artistic eye. Whether it be internal or external, time should not be in short supply. The skill is to capture an image of what should be in keeping with the original design concept. The lay of the land behind and either side may act as a life size frame and have an enhancing effect. Time of day or even the time of the year will affect light and mood. Balancing the fading ambiance of twilight with the light emitting from the building can give spectacular results. However this type of shot is no easy feat because the window of opportunity is very short lived as day quickly becomes night. These shots are also dependant on weather conditions.

The equipment and style I use offers low light capabilities enabling for night time photography, this is sometimes when a building comes to life as it is lit from within and many modern buildings incorporate an array of multicolour LED's providing even further opportunities for artistic exploration.

As part of my professional service I undertake a visual site survey to determine the best angle of approach. Just a few meters either way will alter reflections and angles or even help to obscure unsightly clutter. In addition I will help you achieve optimal results by providing a range of advice to help ensure that the building is presented looking as pristine as possible. What I mean by this is clean windows in the closed position, grass lawn/verges flower borders cut and looking fresh, faulty lighting repaired, paths swept and clear any litter or leaves, etc.

Internal shots can often be a challenge for any photographer as the lighting can be a mix of different types i.e. tungsten, halogen, LED's and daylight or not much light at all. That’s where skill and experience comes in, with a selection of light strobes, reflectors and many watts of power to ensure captivating images for your publications.

Please don't hesitate to call me for a friendly chat to discuss your photography requirements. You can get in touch on the telephone number 07813 787 989 or email

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